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Author Topic: A call to all sex workers - interview enquiry for academic project  (Read 919 times)


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Hi, first for a brief introduction my name is Alesia, I am 22 years old and I live on the South Coast of England. I study Journalism at Bournemouth University and as part of my final year major project, I am looking at the controversial debate over prostitution decriminalization, and investigating into the life of sex workers. Whether negative or positive, all inputs will greatly help in raising awareness and unmasking the realities. Although journalistic, this is academic work which isn't for any publication, just my project blog. I also understand that if I share your story you may want to remain anonymous and I am very respectful of that. I will be asking you questions around your rights, your clients, safety, and access to resources - and if there is anything you are not comfortable to discuss it won't be problem. This contribution is paid, if you are interested or would like further details please contact me asap at or on 07577885883. Thankyou.