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Author Topic: Wishaw (Scotland): unreasonable and slightly aggressive outcall punter  (Read 535 times)


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When arranging the booking, he insisted that all he wanted was an hour of cuddles and companionship, nothing more.
After an hour of the said activities, I told him that it was time for me to go.  He complained that we had hardly done anything, demanded half of his money back and physically tried to stop me leaving.  (I was able to fight him off - which, luckily, did not require much effort - and leave with the full fee).
He owns a water hygiene company, has a pug, and is currently estranged from his pregnant girlfriend.  (This is to help you to recognise this punter should he contact you, assuming you ask about pets, say, when negotiating an outcall).  Owing to his job (so he tells me), he had paint on his face, hands, and arms.  His response to my objection to this, which I voiced at the beginning of the booking, was to demand his money back.  With hindsight, I see that this was a foreshadowing of his subsequent behaviour.