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Author Topic: Hostile AW Member Hertfordshire area  (Read 210 times)


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Hostile AW Member Hertfordshire area
« on: 21 April 2017, 02:51:16 pm »
Just wanted to share an experience I had recently on my Hertfordshire tour. The clients AW username is Women Toy but has an alias badboy92 so i was wary when he emailed me a week before I was due in town. He came across as genuine, polite and literate by email. A normal request (nothing too weird) He booked a 2 hour session in advance and I said we would confirm on the day. Didn't hear from him so I text him on the day on the mobile he provided on the booking form and got a reply ' Who is this'? I text back my and and said he was booked for an appointment with me that day and i was texting to get confirmation as advised. The response was ' You f*cking weirdo. I will contact the police'. I thought 'shit have I wrote the number down wrong? but i double checked and it was the correct number. I was utterly shocked and pissed off so i emailed the guy via AW who read my message but didn't reply so i gathered then he is a Hes still on there too

The number provided was 078354665** (You can PM me for the ful number if you need)