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I have a stunning 3 bedroom apartment in Bayswater - I am renting out one room by the hour or you can book an entire afternoon/ evening - at a very good rate £40 per hour or £80 per day
I will be working at the apartment as well.
I am very discreet, friendly, easy going, responsable and respectful.
The apartment is very modern, light, big and beautiful- can send pics to what’s up.
Available only today 22/05/18- 23/05/18 as my usual working partner is away on holiday.
Available from 3:30 pm !!!!
DM for details
Only friendly, polite and clean ladies please!
Thank you
He's just an idiot trying to piss you off because you turned him down. Ignore and move on xx
Blather and Babble / Re: What do you message to no shows ?
« Last Post by Molasses on Today at 02:03:50 am »
I never contact clients if they miss a booking I save the number as time waster, we don’t know if something has happened or if the mrs has there’s phone, I wouldn’t dare risk texting them first
Seeking/Offering / Room to rent in kensington
« Last Post by Molasses on Today at 01:23:05 am »
So, next month I will have a room to rent in Kensington (very close to the natural history museum )
There will be access to use the bathroom but not the kitchen and there is no WiFi, It is £100 for 12 hours, the choice is yours when you want to start
Send me a message with your number and I will call you as soon as I can
I just want to know
1: when you want to come
2: the time you want to work
This is a very quiet buildings so discretion is paramount
Questions and Answers / Re: drug dealer ex client wants to out me
« Last Post by Molasses on Today at 12:40:14 am »
Maybe try not to work alone for now, there’s a section here for people buddying up, good luck and I hope you get this sorted
I’d get this guy to fuck and fast! Men that elaborate so much are usually timewasters and running a decent bath takes at least 15 mins (I generally only take showers so can’t remember how long baths take!) so if he had said he wanted a booking for 90 mins then it may be more believable but he’s deluded so I would just block and move on.
I would just ignore and block for a bit of fun to annoy him (as this he only deserves)
- my average bath is an hour long so pay me at the beginning of the bath - I can soak, relax get out of the bath  after the hour can fuck off with my hourly rate! End of!
The guy is a twat and agree that any guy that elaborates is a TW and is wank fodder.
Ignore and move on
So I was contacted by a man called Bill AW name Phuckpal with 0 feedback saying he wanted to do a photo shoot I wa alike ok well I don’t do trade for trade and he said no catch no payment so I was like ok! So he rang me to discuss but he said I had to turn up alone so I was like oh no. A week later he whatsapp’d Me asking about when I wanted to arrange but I ignored. He persistently rang me. Then he rang off another number. I have the numbers to a fellow escort who told him to leave me alone. He said he never said anything about me not being allowed to bring someone with me. Which is bullshit. Anyway his number that he rang me from first was 077747048** and then when I ignored too many times he rang from another which was 078903313**. PM for full numbers. I was hella freaked out even tho he sounded ancient on the phone
Yah I worked for an agency and was made to do stuff I didn’t want to.
Questions and Answers / Re: drug dealer ex client wants to out me
« Last Post by English Green on 21 May 2018, 11:37:42 pm »
If you do not want to go to police you could double bluff get someone sounding professional to call him saying it is them and a polite warning to stop any communication to you or anyone you know otherwise a harassment order will be slapped on him and he will be arrested. I know someone else who did this it worked might be worth a try and if not or you do not want to you might need to consider going into police station.
Blather and Babble / Re: What do you message to no shows ?
« Last Post by Candour on 21 May 2018, 10:59:17 pm »
I give them 10 mins after the booking time, and if nothing I just block them. I don't bother texting or ringing them at all.
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