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Try googling it, even wiki is a good place to start and find which elements of it interest you the most (if any), there are completely different 'personalities' so if the stereotypical idea of wearing latex, brandishing a whip and barking orders at someone doesn't appeal there are many other approaches you can take.

Why not watch a few documentaries, sign up to a few forums and depending on where you live attend a couple of events?
Just act normal would be my advice to anyone visiting a hotel.

Seeking/Offering / (Offering) Agent Provocateur Gift Card
« Last Post by AAlane on Today at 07:12:47 pm »

I have an AP gift card to the value of £1370. I have everything I want from there (this was a gift from a client) so wanting to sell it on.

Happy to take 25% off the value so looking for £1025. Thats £325 free which is basically an entire set.

Please message if interested. I cannot split it and have full recipt for it. Thanks x
Do you give them really really good directions to ensure they aren't wandering around looking for the lifts

Normally I find it's because they look lost rather than actually out of place that they get stopped . I mean it's london you can have a multi millionaire who looks like a tramp so clothes and appearance isn't always the problem
Hotels are used to all manners of customers so someone not dressed in a suit isn't necessarily going to cause a problem but this is just my opinion .

I text them very clear detailed instructions
I.e. When you walk through the door walk straight ahead you will see the lifts get in get to floor 2 and call me
I may also mention that there is a bar / gym that's open to non residents ( if there is ) so don't worry about entering the hotel

You could put professional Gents only but not sure if it that would work
Questions and Answers / Re: Where To Advertise
« Last Post by 80s synthetic on Today at 06:36:42 pm »
Just another massage directory I came across:
I think it's fairly new. Looks pretty, which is always a bonus.
Looking for a room to rent
Monday - Friday
I’m flexible with the dates and location
I offer incalls on the london border but recently realised all my calls are more from London so I've spent a few months outcall and stuff in London as well as incalls. Recently branched out into central incalls (hotel). Several years ago I worked central but completely different circumstances.
 Last weekend I toured but only saw 2 regs and someone that had wanted a booking for ages off of Twitter. One of the regs came straight from work, he got stopped by a doorman,  he pulled it off perfectly but I'm concerned as I've moved my aw for this weekend and will (hopefully) be seeing new clients. (Same chain different place) I have a couple booked in I've never seen before and I'm struggling to find a nice way to say "Don't look out of place, I don't want attention" how do you work around this? Do you mention in text/call Or assume common sense prevails? (It often doesn't imo)

Do people text/mention in the phone call or put on profile? I really don't like attention from hotels, I like to keep myself to myself. I only book these hotels because I like the atmosphere and I'm much better at my job when in the right frame of mind, I also don't charge 300+ so I attract all sorts and love seeing all sorts! I don't want to exclude anyone or sound up myself more than i already do, I just want to ensure they are discrete on hotel incalls.
Seeking/Offering / Room to Rent in London Greenwich
« Last Post by ashaley on Today at 04:55:47 pm »
Room to Rent for Escort or Masseuse in Cosy flat.

If you want the room please contact me stating the following.

Date you want the room.

Which day you want to pay some deposit

How many days you want the room.

Time you will be arriving.

1 day £95

2 days £90 per day £190

3 days £85 per day £255

4 days £80 per day £320

5 days £75 per day £375


6 days £50 per day £300

7 days £45 per day  £315

£35 additional charge for an overnight stay.

If you need a place to live and work please contact me to discuss further options and discount.

Must view the flat before any exchange of money.

Taking Deposits for May and June Only.


Sex Work Projects / Worthing: The Esther Project
« Last Post by The Esther Project on Today at 04:41:00 pm »
Hi all,

My name is Harriet and I work for The Esther Project; a discreet, non-judgemental and confidential outreach service for women in the sex industry who live or work in Worthing. We work to help keep women safe and well supported, whether that's through our free wellbeing packs or being a listening ear over a cup of tea.

Our free service offers:
Condoms and lube
Ugly Mugs Dodgy Punter alerts and reporting info
Personal safety alarms
Sexual Health signposting
Chlamydia self test kits
Selection of Toiletries
Pregnancy tests
A space to chat
Information on  other local services

We are happy to meet you at a location of your choice: either at home, where you work or a local cafe.

Give me a call or text on 07902 726432 to find out more.  (We work part time so we will get back to you as soon as possible.)

Or if you prefer, you can email us at: or visit for more info

Stay safe.
Hi I have a room to rent.

Please send me an email and ill get back to you
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