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Questions and Answers / Re: Sex clubs
« Last Post by Justine on Today at 11:35:10 pm »
Yes I did this once with a client and was paid for 4 hours at my normal rate.

The place was quite well organised and apparently very popular.  Our agreement was that we "played" with anyone we wanted whether together or separate and it worked out well for me but he was very disappointed as he was an old bloke and I think he felt he had strong (nearly said stiff ha!) competition with some younger better looking men there and while he had a good ogle at the goings on he didn't get much fun himself. I wasn't bothered as I had my fee safely banked and I just went through the motions really for his sake.

Never had much interest in going back as my own thrills were satisfied with escorting. What I did notice at the club was how many posers and desperate looking people there were doing the deeds but in my professional eye I could see some of them had that dead face look and I felt sorry for them a little. Just telling it like it was for me but I am sure many people get a massive kick from these places.
Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« Last Post by Ellie B on Today at 11:11:10 pm »
"I want us both to fart on each other's face. It will be a one hour face farting competition booking"
could not press the block sender button quick enough.
Blather and Babble / Re: Men Who Think You Work Set Hours
« Last Post by amy on Today at 10:56:11 pm »
Does anyone else get phonecalls from people who assume you're forced to work set hours?

This is really two different things though; working set hours (as I do) doesn't have anything to do with being 'forced' to do anything or under somebody else's control? I treat my job like any other job and I like to have proper start times, finish times and days off.

Provided everybody makes the way they work clear, I think this is just another variation on the eternal 'why don't they read the bloody ads'. Mine couldn't be more obvious, and I still get missed calls in the middle of the night, on Sundays and so on ::)
Blather and Babble / Re: Happy Bday Amy!
« Last Post by amy on Today at 10:51:04 pm »
Thanks everybody and I've had a lovely day :D

Also Happy Birthday again to Lucie if she's about, and anybody else who was born in the cold boring bit after Christmas :).
Questions and Answers / Re: Sex clubs
« Last Post by Mirror on Today at 10:47:00 pm »
I've been to a swinging club with a regular, we established boundaries and what he wanted to see beforehand.

Staying up late through the night doesn't suit me and I found combined with the travel it was hard work. I charged a reasonable amount, which is was worth but probably wouldn't do it again.
Hi All,

I am new to escorting and having only started due to being in a low paid job living in London and having to manage bills etc with no support.

I started incalls 2 weeks ago from city based hotels and have had few interesting weeks.

I’m looking to meet like minded women who I can socialise with as most of my friends and family have no clue to what I do.

Jo x
I'd advise any escort to avoid this individual. My friend had problems with him.

He was agressive and rude when he entered the room. She asked him to leave and he refused and she literally threw him out and he kicked the door afterwards. He's got previous bad feedback for being a violent robber but the feedback is hidden.

Just ignore and avoid
Questions and Answers / Re: Sex clubs
« Last Post by saltysweet on Today at 09:37:48 pm »
Mostly I get wasters offering low sums for this, so generally ignore them. I used to help run one for years, it depends on which one. Clubs have different interests, swinging, BDSM, latex, piercing body modification, naughty sauna, stripper sex club etc. Ask him if he's been to any before and what he expects. Tell him your terms and conditions. I bet he'll secretly hope you'll loose control and do loads more.  All clubs are different so I wouldn't jump in with both feet before you check it's rep. I'd also follow your personal security rituals strictly as this isn't a restaurant or hotel date.

Is it some get together at a mate's bedsit or an established club, well organised, security conscious organisation? We employed a proper council registered, trained security firm to make sure members were safe, unmolested, cameras removed, gatecrashers and pests ejected. You probably heard of Tudor Simionov security guard who was murdered by crashers on the door of a private Park Lane sex club on new years eve.

Consider that other clubbers won't know your boundaries so you'll have to deal with their expectations and interference as well.

Questions and Answers / Sex clubs
« Last Post by loubyloo on Today at 08:40:33 pm »
I've been asked a few times if I would be interested in going to a sex club with a punter.

I've always said no as I don't normally work evenings but I'm curious what it would entail.

Have any of you ladies out there been to one and what did the client expect?

I've only been asked by email which is why I've never been able to ask these questions face to face.

Thinking I may give it a go one day as I understand that you don't have to participate in sex with other people if you don't want to, you're able to be there as an onlooker, but I guess that's something I'd have to discuss with client first.

Blather and Babble / Re: Happy Bday Amy!
« Last Post by English Green on Today at 08:21:30 pm »
Hope you had a nice day.xx
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