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Blather and Babble / Re: How do you protect your feelings in this job?
« Last Post by RKitten on Today at 03:22:34 am »
It happens, just try to shrug it off and don't engage with him anymore.

I'm luckily very good at separating emotion from sex, perhaps even to my detriment. Certainly let a client treat you, gift you things, but always remember that at the end of the day it is a financial relationship. Don't listen to anything else they spout. I've been told by more than a few clients that they are in love with me, I just remind them of what the relationship is. And when I've gotten sweet on a client, I've told them I can't see them anymore. Try to be brutal, hard as it may be, otherwise you run the risk of being emotionally battered black and blue.
Blather and Babble / Re: Favourite toiletries for clients
« Last Post by RKitten on Today at 03:12:20 am »
I have a mix of different things. Original source, the lynx ones I like the smell of, a couple of different unscented body washes, and a couple of bars from lush. Plus the odd small ones I've grabbed from hotels over the years.

Also, two different mouthwashes, 3 different toothpastes, various toothbrushes, a few different disposable razors, and a few different moisturisers.

The only thing I don't offer a selection on is hair stuff, no reason they should be washing their hair, so don't bitch about my shampoo and conditioner.

But honestly, I'm going overboard, grab something unscented, and if you like something else, leave it out as an option. Just be prepared to wash it after visits, stray hairs won't go down well.
Questions and Answers / Re: How to do doggy properly.
« Last Post by RKitten on Today at 02:58:51 am »
Doggy can be either legs in or legs out. If a client is slipping out a lot, it's either the case they're doing too big thrusts, or my pelvis is tilting down too much, so I put my chest down on the bed, which pushes my hips higher and positions me more upright.

If you find you're getting your cervix hit too much, don't be afraid to pop a beppy in, I do that occasionally with some of my more well endowed clients. It gives a cushion over my cervix. You just have to lube it up a lot more than when you're on your period.
It's not illegal, but the hotel/owners of the rented apartment can kick you out. The police however won't care. Escorting is legal in the UK, so they're not going to show up if someone calls them.

While not illegal, it can be against the terms of a rented apartment as many have a term in the lease of not running a business from home. So they can kick you out based on that.

In summary: it's not illegal, just might not go along with terms/be what the owners want.
Not very well at all. I messaged her on here with regards to a tour buddy post. Thought it may be helpful but realised I'm much better going alone. I went to her area to meet her first, flopped there as suspected as it's a cheaper area, a Saturday and the rugby and football was on and not really my market (I'm really starting to treat this like a business now,  know my market,  choose areas carefully and advertise.) So we decided to do this area together (travel down together). Was annoyed that she had clearly lied as I even asked her on the way down, after checking Saafe and not finding any reviews on the apartment whether it was definitely workable.  She said yes. The fact that she blatantly made up a lie that has cost me money annoys me. And then didn't even apologise. But I'm not going to let it beat me. I'm checking into a hotel I know is workable tomorrow as I like this area so far and even though that is £230 wasted, I reckon I can get it back. I hope so. I already have more reviews than her despite her having worked for four years and me just over six months. And I'm really starting to treat this like a business now and want to start thriving. 

This is why I never go for apartments because I've had bad experiences with them, Air BNB etc. But I know the hotels that are ok as I've worked in them and know from experience the names that usually aren't keycarded and are good for discretion and not closing the doors until late. So checking into the hotel tomorrow after a few more bookings here and after checking out here! Fingers crossed that it goes well! (I also highly doubt she has a solicitor).

But lesson learnt and thanks so much for all of the advice!
Ah I read your post as you'd been advised by a solicitor.

If you've had no problem carry on.

Yes hotels can ask you to leave, some have a no business clause, some may receive complaints about guests being noisy or whatever.
What I'm hearing is someone who kinda set up one purpose, it sounds like she didn't want you to do well. Jealously maybe? How well did you know her?

I could be completely wrong though, but I have been targeted by another SP before so I am very suspicious when it comes to these things.

There is no intercom in the apartment and I have to go past reception to open the door to let the clients in so it looks a bit dodgy potentially.
But then again, it could be anything, like business meetings for all they know. Plus, I did put my trainers on and a jacket on over my dress when I went down to meet them.

Basically, I reached out to another escort to tour with. She claimed that she knew these apartments were workable as she had had a 'friend' who had stayed here and she had seen the intercom on the images. For some stupid reason, I blindly trusted her as she has been working for a long while, assuming she was right. We were just going to tour together, not work together. We checked in together, she had a room on a separate floor, we went our own separate ways. I got in and was shocked to see that it was not workable due to no intercom. Paid £230 for this. Messaged her saying I thought you said your friend had stayed here? No apology, nothing, just 'I haven't been to this area before'. I was fuming. Decided I would work as was getting booking requests and it's bad for business to turn them down as they may not rebook. Had a 2 hour and a 1.5. Was due another 1.5 but the client messed me around.

Messaged her later to say I have been busy. She then replies saying she has only 'done one as doesn't want to risk it'. I then ask what she means as worse comes to worse, I won't get my deposit back. Safe to say, I am parting my separate ways with her and checking out on my own tomorrow because this story about her 'friend having worked here' was clearly a lie. When I say I'm busy, she says 'be careful' they could call the police. I'm like what do you mean? Escorting is legal. She's like no my solicitor said it is illegal. I'm like what? She's like yeah the manager could call the police on you.

In hindsight, I have a feeling she may have been quiet and I have been busy today or would have been and she has tried to scare me out of bookings.

As how would they know? And I can still get in a few tomorrow I reckon without being thrown out as I don't wear heavy makeup, and am discrete and don't scream of being an escort.

So just gonna try and do a few in the morning and then check out as obviously I'm pretty sure I would get kicked out if I kept on taking bookings here as I like to be busy on tour.

But I have realised it is far better to go it alone now.
This is so strange to me. Can you tell me why you would not get the money up front?

Always get AND count your money up front.

No matter what.

It happens, all of us have a brain fart at some point. I had one this week, luckily it's a good reg and he transferred the cash to me when I realised after he'd left that I forgot to get the payment.

Don't blame her for trusting the guy, shit happens, it's not her fault.
Maybe, but we need useful first hand information here, not third hand gossip and speculation from some anonymous shitstirring randoms on the internet. If we don't get any, I'm removing the thread.

Did you (and everybody else) forget to report the post while you were looking at it earlier, MB? Whether any of this is true or not, let's hope nobody with an axe to grind ever posts a pack of lies about you.
Sorry Amy
I was about to report the post —When I got a call/job and forgot about it. Only remembered  this evening and when I checked u had removed the link.
I think original poster should give more evidence cos there are pimps everywhere giving new girls a hard time when they get to a new area.
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