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Author Topic: Seeking escort friends living anywhere really but in their fifties  (Read 342 times)


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Hi there I have been escorting for eleven years and although there are a few I keep in touch with on here already a few more or one more is always welcome. Mature and in their fifties.

Like I say some on here have already been helpful to me especially one recently and I am happy to give support back. No drama queens though please lol.



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Hi there

In my sixties and in South Afirca.  This road can be a bit loney at times.  Thumbs up to this great forum, a number of ladies really helped me out when I started - in London. 

I am based in Johannesburg.  Anyone planning to come over is welcome to get in touch.  Though wouldn't be of much help wth business, 'am struggling too, but with possible accommodation and hanging out.

I am close to the city and renting out rooms (daily to monthly) - advertising on a few B&B platforms, really that's what is keeping me going.

Good luck - sure some ladies will resond in time too.


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Hi Ladies
I'm 53 and been escorting for 4 years now. It can be lonely as its not something you can discuss with family and some friends. It would be good to chat to like minded people. I'm based in Newcastle bit tour in Edinburgh once a month. I'm full of fun  definitely not a drama queen. Too many in the industry already ha ha x


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Re: Seeking escort friends living anywhere really but in their fifties
« Reply #3 on: 25 June 2022, 06:07:50 pm »
Hi I’m Michelle…… I’m from the midlands and been doing this part time for about 3 yrs.
Totally agree it being isolating at times.
Would love to chat with u
Message me on WhatsApp 07557 525 381