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Author Topic: We are now welcome to charge $50,000 for our services...  (Read 1760 times)


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We are now welcome to charge $50,000 for our services...
« on: 24 April 2009, 01:21:48 am »

I have got to stop using yahoo's email...there's always a ridiculous story that I have to share with someone. I'm not sure if outside of the country can view the video, but basically its about a woman who 'sells' a marriage match-maker for clients seeking to find the perfect wife (or husband, but it doesnt say if she seeks out men).

Apparently there's a millionaire who is using her match-maker, and women have to 'fill out an application' to be considered. But get this, she charges $50,000 upfront...and additional fees during the time she's seeking the 'candidate'.

Obviously the people using her services arent willing to seek out women due to their status, but I mean hello! I'm sure there's plenty of high-powered people on those other match-maker sites who are low-profile also...hell, I've met plenty of them.

Call it the High Life  :D

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