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Author Topic: The day from HELL! incalls? incalls? incalls!  (Read 1773 times)


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The day from HELL! incalls? incalls? incalls!
« on: 20 July 2009, 06:25:19 am »
I tried to refrain from venting but I can no longer hold back. Today was by far one of the worst days in a long time. You know why? I was getting calls back to back to back...non stop, my phone was ringing and ringing all while at the gym, in the car, at home, everywhere! But what makes it so bad was that they were all needing either incalls or they couldnt afford the rate, or advanced bookings (which after yesterday I am no longer taking them from craigslist!) I even got a 'couple'...some woman calls me asked if I would dominate her partner....he even got on the phone, total bullshitters. I was hanging up on people left and right today and came close to saying words to them that their mami wouldnt want them to hear!

Is this what people do on Sundays? For a fucking hobby? Call up escorts and get on their last nerve! And Im equally frustrated because I couldnt do incalls today unless I got a room at a travelodge-type place...My rate is higher by 50 bucks to do an incall and these guys wont even do it. I admit my rate is a bit higher than many of them, but I cant accept anything less...they already getting a major discount, and it sells well regardless. Mother fuckers are expecting to pay 80 bucks and shit. Fuck that! I had no trouble getting 3 bookings in 1 day at my rate is Boston, the hell if I'll lower the shit here at home! Theres nothing worse than getting hundreds of calls and not working any of them  :'(

Thankyou for listening you all. Im just about up to here with it. The solution: new city, incalls and outcalls, a bit more patience, and...and what?  ???
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