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Author Topic: Secret Diary of a Call Girl!!!  (Read 11174 times)


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Re: Secret Diary of a Call Girl!!!
« Reply #15 on: 26 September 2008, 11:38:54 pm »
hey girls, what time, day and channel is the new series on?
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Re: Secret Diary of a Call Girl!!!
« Reply #16 on: 27 September 2008, 02:18:27 am »
I think its on thursdays but i dont have a tv so i watch it whenever i get the time on itv catch up... thats how i watch strictly too :-)


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Re: Secret Diary of a Call Girl!!!
« Reply #17 on: 28 September 2008, 03:37:17 pm »
oh i didnt know there is a tv series on
oh i ought to watch it

i haven't read the books and i had the intuition that it wasn't written by an escort herself based on the title and the picture,
i think i have a good sense

i think it is good that it is portrayed in a more positive light and if you think about the negative perception most have on escorting and the stigma that is still attached to it, i think it is good that there is more positive out there.

i was reading recently the book whores in history, its written by an escort and its really very fascinating, i only have started it, and it confirms the believes i had, i did know about the temple prostitution and that we have been priestesses before and i see my services back to that area

what i haven't understood and still don't understand is how could we women tolerate what happened to use when men come to power, and i think the only reason is that they forced their position with brute force and cruelty; the same i never understood how celibacy could have been established in the catholic church for their priests (i did know the reasons which was that the land kept to the church and it was not inherited by the children of the priest but how could it happen if it wasn't already existent before, i would have assumed a lot of resistance by the priests) what i read was that it was established from one day to the other and it was followed by a terrible blood shed, for all those who didn't follow suit, and i think that's the only possible explanation that the shift from matriachy where woman had power to where we women where owned completely by men has happened, when reading this i feel a lot of sadness and pain inside me, and i think i am a feminist and i think part of my mission in life is to reestablish our own power as woman, and i personally feel we escorts are the ones closes to the old priestesshood of ishtar innana and i do feel we are doing a huge service to mankind

i do myself find it difficult, whom i am disclosing and i am saying i am an escort; it still has a stigma and a good girl is not allowed to do what i do and is looked down on her,
i do feel the need to connect to others and i ought to be able to share my experience
and in sharing our experience we find strength and inner acceptance and if not pride, and if we go back to the origin and the real value what we do and connect and see our service to the great goddess we can be truly be proud of

another aspect is that in Buddhist you here about maya and the illusion and i think all our social construct and rules (stigma taboos) are the illusion and we need to free us and be true to our hearts and inner calling.

one more thing, i come to release a person who is sexually liberated, she is truly free, as long as we follow the rules and expectations and are not true to ourselves we are controlled by men