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Author Topic: Finishing escorting  (Read 1991 times)


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Finishing escorting
« on: 16 February 2021, 09:00:11 am »
I know not everyone will but do  some people think they are trapped in sex work? I’m worried so won’t be able to get a professional job because of my past record in sex work and current. Because I showed some face pics etc and was naive when I first started. Also I’ve been outed a couple of times already. Also lack of normal job skills don’t help. I don’t think I’d be able to get a job that pays well and don’t want to live in poverty. I want to do a professional job but think I can’t because of my escorting.
Also it really messes up relationships escorting not only romantic but worth some friends and family to many know because I was outed a few times. I told a couple of close friends who I trust so have a little support.
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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #1 on: 16 February 2021, 10:12:22 am »
I have experience of difficulties in moving into other work, some of which created by myself wishing to continue sex work alongside.

I took steps to make sure being discovered would not be an issue, but still encountered problems three times a result of being mislead by those hiring me.

I do think it much depends on individual circumstances.


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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #2 on: 16 February 2021, 12:30:23 pm »
It's difficult to say without knowing your age, professional background etc. Do you have qualifications and/or job experience you can pick up on again and build on, or would you be starting afresh?

My suggestion would be to do the two things in parallel for a couple of years, with a view to building up the civvy job side of things and decreasing the amount of escorting you do until you drop it completely.
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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #3 on: 16 February 2021, 01:34:54 pm »
'lack of normal job skills'?- You've got tons of job skills which you happen to use every day for escorting. Those skills are transferable to civvy jobs. Hospitality skills, written/telephone communication skills, advertising skills, presentation skills, scheduling skills, face to face listening skills, dispute avoidence and mediation, time management etc ....even 'stage setting' skills for the reception and comfort of clients.

I agree with Kay's post, hard to say. I've found escorting to be a good way to study for various professions part time. It's also given me the chance to try the jobs I qualified for part time, to see if I like them rather than jump in blind. The escorting is a nice financial cushion.

If you're thinking of a dead stop then this option won't be possible.
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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #4 on: 16 February 2021, 07:05:39 pm »
If you don’t have sex worker on your tax return all an employer will
Know is you were self employed. You could of been a childcare provider. A mobile hairdresser. A beauty therapist. When you go to your new job you list the attributes in line with what they are looking for.  I know it’s hard to be confident leaving this work behind but most interviews are about confidence and having a good cv. You can do it.  :)

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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #5 on: 16 February 2021, 08:15:47 pm »
If you do not have sex work listed as the actual occupation on your tax returns you should be fine. If you really want out and to do something skilled i am sure you can if you really want it. Sex work does not need to follow your life forever.


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Re: Finishing escorting
« Reply #6 on: 13 March 2021, 10:32:49 pm »
I think what Escort x mentioned is a fear of many escorts . Especially when we come across all this gross disgusting men and that’s daily life .