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Author Topic: Please Read: RULES!  (Read 19396 times)


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Please Read: RULES!
« on: 05 January 2012, 10:43:25 am »
First off, please make sure you're familiar with the general rules of the SAAFE forum as set out here, which answers most important queries or confusions.

The Blather and Babble section is for light-hearted posts but please keep everything on-topic and do not post anything which has no relevance to sex work. Please also remember that this section of the forum is open to anyone who registers; keep this in mind and do not post sensitive information about yourself or anyone else. We do encourage sex workers to make friends and form supportive groups - hence the threads in this section sharing blog links and Twitter account names, etc - but it's always important to keep any delicate information to PMs (private messages).

Please remember that there are certain topics which will not be tolerated anywhere on SAAFE. These include: Racist, sexist (most certainly including baseless and generalised negativity towards men), transphobic or homophobic subjects. It is more than fine to discuss a negative situation that may have occurred; it is not okay to make negative assumptions about all members of a group based on such a situation.

Please let any mod or admin know via PM if you have any issue or query with these rules. Otherwise, please continue posting happily away. :)

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