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Author Topic: My personal bad experiences with agencies  (Read 47669 times)


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #75 on: 19 October 2021, 08:55:04 pm »
So I am new on SAAFE and have had Domme experience in the past, Ive been contacted by 3 agencies and unsure about them First one had no company name and wanted to pay me monthly... Second one wanted a registration fee. The 3rd one looks ok but is asking me for an ID. Can anyone advise? Im doing this part time and need help with bookings, screening etc hence considering them!

1: No.
2: No.
3: No, but with the proviso that they may want to check your age, in which case ID with everything covered over bar your picture and DOB is plenty (electrical/masking tape is fine for this). Show them this in person and then put it away; don't let them take copies of it. They're breaking the law already, but they'll know if they're caught pimping out somebody underage then they'll really be up shit creek.

Bear in mind that agency pimps don't screen, because turning punters away means they make less money. They don't have to deal with the arseholes in person, so they have no reason to care.


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #76 on: 19 October 2021, 11:52:58 pm »
Thanks Amy... I've declined 1 and 2, not sure about 3rd but Im certainly not comfortable with the request. I appreciate your answer and any advice really! Obvs was told there's screening, blacklist etc...
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