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Author Topic: My personal bad experiences with agencies  (Read 47671 times)


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My personal bad experiences with agencies
« on: 25 November 2013, 06:51:36 pm »
I am not sure where to put this

I have noticed there are a few newbies asking questions about working with escort agencies. Now i used to work with agencies and massage parlours before going completely independent and i just wanted to share some of these bad experiences when i was young and naive so other people may avoid my mistakes. Don't get me wrong i have also had great experiences with agencies but i am just highlighting some of the bad experiences.

Pedophile agency owner/ pimp - when i was just sweet 19 (really naive), i joined an entertainment agency in  wales that offered strip - o-  grams male and female, comedian acts, modelling and escorts. I originally told him i only wanted to do strip o gram  jobs, so he took some photos for his "portfolio" in his house for the stripping/ modelling portfolio.

Well he convinced me to try escorting (when i look back it was real pimping!) I seen 5 clients at his house at ?120 an hour and all the time he was constantly trying to touch me up, get me to sleep with him, which i refused. He took 50% of my money at the end of the day and i never worked for him again as he was such a perv.

Well skip 2 years later and the police are knocking on my door. Asked if i had every worked for the agency and i told then no as it was years ago i couldn't remember. They left me their card and asked can I please come up the station for a chat (i wasn't in trouble). So i went for a chat and they basically told me they were investigating around 70 girls. They had raided this guys house, took his computer, mobile phones and were going through all the numbers. I registered my pay as you go phone with Vodafone for the top up a fiver and get unlimited weekend txts thing. That's how they had tracked me. Well they printed off these photos that were me (not nude just in schoolgirl outfit) my stripper photos that this guy had taken for the "stripping" portfolio.  Now the police wanted someone to testify against him as he had thousands of child porn images and had taken on 13 and 14 year old girls and pimped them out and filmed them with the clients and sold to a peado ring. This guy had kept my number and my photos from 2 years and i only worked for him for one day! I told then what i knew which was limited and i had only done one day for him so i wasn't going to testify.

This agency guy ended up getting something like 12 years and he was all over the local papers. I thought to myself, i was so lucky that something bad didn't happen to me! And thinking back i wonder if those schoolgirl photos ended up any where else? I will never know.

Moral of the story - always use a unregistered mobile phone for agency work. Never let a agency owner take photos as you will never know where they end up!Get professional photos done yourself with a reputable photographer. And even though you aren't breaking the law working as an escort, you can end up tangled up with a police investigation, which is scary!

Another bad experience - aggressive/ blackmailing agency. Me and my friend went for an interview with a brand new agency. We met in a coffee shop. That's all the guy done was slag off all the established agencies. Then he said he wanted us to fill in forms with our name, address etc and wanted driving licence, forms of id etc. Now me and my friend refused blank.He said well none of the other girls have refused to give id.  He didn't mention this on the phone. Then he's says your photos are rubbish, the agency needs to take some for you. I told him that was't necessary. Our working terms were we will get some new photos done ourselves and we are not giving any I'D. The guys like we will only use your id just to come and knock on your door if you owe us commission. What the F***?

Anyway he said he will be in touch and we couldn't work until we had professional photos taken. So we were off over the weekend then his "business partner" started sending aggressive and nasty emails to us saying that we owed her this much money as we weren't available. She had to turn bookings down that wanted to see us. And that we are lazy bitches and could have earned hundreds of pounds and she has lost customers and we owe her money!

I just ignored these emails. But thinking back what if i had been a naive and actually gave this "agency" my real details?
Would they have blackmailed me into giving them money and threatened to turn up at my house and expose me as a prostitute? I always wonder if any other escort had given their real details and had this abuse? Anyway the agency didn't last very long!

Moral of the story - Never give your real name. address etc to any agency. They can use it for blackmail.

Agency 3 -- a new business partner treating escorts like a piece of meat and seriously pimping them!

Now this was a well established agency that i had worked for a few years (i worked independently as well and used the agency to top up my bookings). The owner was an ex working girl  and was lovely to work for. Her new boyfriend had a hotel/ B n B up in Blackpool and they were thinking of opening an agency in blackpool as well. So she asked for a couple of us girls to go up and work.Free accommodation at the hotel. And there was a big stag party that wanted bookings.

Anyway there were supposed to be three girls going and everyone else dropped out. So i went up on my own and because i had been working for this lady for years i trusted her and her new boyfriend! Big mistake!

So gets to the hotel, complete shit hole and i swear the room was haunted, had an awful feel to the place like some evil spirit was watching me. I know it sounds nuts but i just couldn't bear to be in my alloted room. It just felt evil!

So i assumed that the party was happening at this shithole of a hotel and the agency owners "boyfriend" lets call him "mark" told me the party was up a upmarket hotel and he would drive me there, i'd see the clients and then he'd pick me up  when i had finished and that the percentage was 35%. It's normally 25%, but the agency owner did say the percentage would be more as she was splitting it with her boyfriend. So get to hotel, it's a black tie event and the hotel manager has allocated me a room.

Now all the horrible stuff happens. The hotel manager wanted a free service straight away and Mark had promised him this. Now i refuse and explain this to the manger and luckily he's a nice guy and actuality paid me full price and was a real gentleman. But imagine if i hadn't stuck to my guns! Would have done him for free!

So i ask Mark what time are the bookings. Oh there are no bookings. I have to go out and solicit for business and then they take a 35% cut! I'm feeling pretty vulnerable at this point! I was stuck at this hotel, been driven there by Mark, didn't have my car keys with me, didn't have hotel key with me as mark had this. What position had i put myself in!

So thought i'm going to try and do some clients, pay commission, earn my petrol money and then drive home tomorrow.

Now it gets even worse! I go and chat to some of the guys and they have already been informed that i am a hooker and that they are not prepared to pay more than ?50 for a quick service. My fees were ?150 an hour! Most of them had been taking coke, i seen 2 clients for quickies and both wanted bareback, which i declined. Then "Mark" gave all the drunk and coked up guys my room number. I had a queue of guys banging on my hotel door wanting services. Every guy i seen expected bareback. What the fuck had Mark promised!

I stopped after a couple told Mark i wanted to go back to the hotel. As i got in the car he made horrible remarks like "i suppose i will have to wipe my seat now! "I will also have to use dettle to clean the seats as well". Talking to me like i was a animal! He then had worked out how much i owed  and wanted his 35%. So i threw the money at him, as soon as i got back to the hotel, i got straight in my car and drove home, this was 2am. I actually stopped in the services and slept in my car. I have never in my life felt so "pimped" and out of control. I was crying my eyes out all the way home back to wales and was really upset for a few days afterwards just crying and wanted to completely quit escorting.  I immediately phoned the agency owner the next day and told her to stick her job!

Now the moral of the story is - Never Ever trust any agency owner. All they care about is making money. Never get yourself into a situation that you are stuck and feel you have no choice. Like i did. Always book your own hotel rooms to work from if working with an agency.  Always have your car keys or money for a taxi on you incase you need to get out of a situation! Never feel pressured into seeing any clients you don't want to and stick to your prices!

This night really upset me. It only happened 2 1/2 years ago. I had been escorting for a few years and was experienced. The mistake i made was to trust the agency owner!

Some final tips

- Never give any I.D to an agency.
- Never give your real name/ address.
- I would advise against having the agency do your pictures. If you need professional photos be prepared to shell out a few hundred on a recommend glamour photographer. Photos are an investment and you can have the images blurred how you see fit.
- Never pay the agency via bank transfer from a personal account.
- Never sleep with an agency owner just to get work unless he is paying you the full rate!
- If doing incalls at an agency place, go and check the place out first before excepting any bookings.
- When having an interview, do so in a public place like a coffee shop.

Although i have written abut my bad experiences, i had worked for a few good agencies as well.

A good agency usually meets you for an initial interview and then you don't see them again! You will just email/ phone them with your availability and they should vet all the clients & bookings for you.

Then you just put the commission into their designated bank account and let them know commission has been paid.

I would never go back to agency or parlour work, but i don't regret it as it's a starting point for newbies to gain experience. But don't make the same mistakes that i did!

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lady c

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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #1 on: 25 November 2013, 08:08:57 pm »
Wow  that was some read and an eye opener, I have never been in such a predicament and have a strict way in which I work thankfully learning from this site and other information I gathered. I am sure there will be many young, naive and inexperienced girls that hopefully benefit from the information on your post.


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #2 on: 25 November 2013, 08:16:48 pm »
Yes i was just thinking back to awful experiences i've had and thought i'd post.

I am so glad i'm an independent now. I feel so much more in control of my work and safety.

But i always think about newbies and hopefully they are going in with thier eyes wide open and not naive as when i started in this line of work.


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #3 on: 26 November 2013, 04:48:12 pm »
I've Stickied this for a bit, especially when we'll be getting the pre and post Christmas influx before long. We'll see about adding it onto the main site article too :).


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #4 on: 05 December 2013, 11:22:33 pm »
Wow Saturnspirit, thanks for sharing your experience, i also did agencies work and parlor work when i first started escorting, and god how many terrible experiences i had, Everything became so good as soon as i started independently

The agencies and Parlors normally dont care who you will see or if they are fucked up,all they want is the money.
I only meet one agency that was professional, but i might have just been unlucky.

I recommend to all girls to go independent and to have a good buddy. :)


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #5 on: 06 December 2013, 12:09:14 am »
I don't have too horrible experience except for just one.

I went to an outcall, got raped and was left at the cheap motel, which turned out to be unpaid (was to be paid when checking out). And then agency got angry to me that I didn't bring them their cut. They were not thinking about that I was raped (he was brutal and aggressive), they were too busy to be angry at me. Agency boss was cursing and putting his anger towards me for a whole hour at the agency office. In front of everybody watching (drivers and IT techs for website).

It hurt me even more than rape itself.
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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #6 on: 07 December 2013, 09:03:24 pm »
I went with a few different agencies when first starting out, they did fuck all to protect me and sent me to one guy in nottingham when they was supposed to of sent a different girl. The old fucker complained in the car I had to go with him to get his cash from a pub his friends were in. Then he gave me weed which I shouldnt of smoked but ended up shortchnaging me saying at the edn oh sorry thought I had more than that in my pocket. Then i ended up stranded n cause they was ringing me when I was still in there and I didnt answer it she rang me n said u need to pay ur last bit of muns to the agency tomorrow.. stupid bitchs expect u to give them half the money u have worked for while they just sit on their fat asses all day taking calls. n went mad at u if u couldnt make a call in the same 20 mins the called you in derby escorts this was as well I coudldnt see the site a while ago though so maybe they went bust or something or got reported as they were cunts


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #7 on: 12 December 2013, 07:54:51 pm »
This is an excellent post, very helpful and I hope others really do take note xx


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #8 on: 15 April 2014, 10:57:06 pm »
I've never worked for an agency per'se but i had a near miss with one who offered me an interview

Has been mentioned before somewhere on the site but this guy is definitely one to avoid [removed] his name his [removed].

He claims to be an agency but he really is just a perv with a phone and a computer.

He targets young girls, late teens and early twenties, and tells them that unless they sleep with him in the "interview" process, then they'll not get work. He tells the girls they'll earn at least ?500 per night yet sends them out at ?110 per hour and lets them keep only ?50 of that fee. He's also extremely verbally abusive and i myself have been on the receiving end of his threats for rejecting his not so appealing offer of working for his grotty "agency"

He's based in London and is at the top of the google search results for 'london escorts' but that's only because he's paid to be there. Avoid him at all costs ladies.

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Aqua Allegoria

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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #9 on: 30 July 2014, 10:29:09 pm »
I went to work for one agency 4 weeks ago. It was an incall flat, East Croydon or South Croydon. I had a bad feeling getting there but the woman on the phone sounded lovely.
I was lucky. I got there and almost had a heart attack. The other girl, and let's not talk about her looks, was completely coked or something, I can't tell I never did drugs. So I said since I must wait for the manager let me pop out get a soda.
And then I just started running!


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #10 on: 18 August 2014, 09:10:48 pm »
Thanks so much for sharing your stories Saturnspirit.
I was thinking of joining an agency, as I find adultwork too confusing. And because I dont have any field reports yet, I dont seem to get very many emails except some time wasters. I thought an agency could help me out finding the right clients for me, without making 'beginner mistakes'. But maybe I'm wrong.... So being an indie is the best, right?
Sounds so scary, you trust an agency with your details or photos... and god know what they do with them... completely playing with your trust!
I was contacted by a London agency on my AW profile... (Im not sure if names are allowed to be mentioned here..?) But I am unsure if they are a trustworthy agency... how will I know?

I will definitely take note and am thankful you shared this post.


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #11 on: 06 September 2014, 10:06:29 pm »
Wow Saturnspirit, thank you so much for sharing. Don't know what I would have done without you. I'm just starting out and would have made so many stupid mistakes. I have an interview scheduled with an Agency in Newcastle next week. I will definitely take your advice and story seriously and use it to judge how the agency is.

Alice G

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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #12 on: 17 September 2014, 11:04:00 pm »
Always be independent, but be very fussy who you meet and do as many checks on the guy as possible. Always, always, always speak to them on the phone first and never accept withheld numbers.
If you are ever in doubt or have that gut feeling - do NOT agree to meet.
Your gut instinct is always more reliable than any agency.

Am sure there are some good agencies out there. I worked for 3 agencies in the early days. Even the good one out of the three, could sometimes be bad (if that makes sense).

Please remember  - your/our safety is more important than money. I had several lucky escapes when I was with an agency. x



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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #13 on: 22 September 2014, 08:59:23 pm »
Always be independent, but be very fussy who you meet and do as many checks on the guy as possible. Always, always, always speak to them on the phone first and never accept withheld numbers.
If you are ever in doubt or have that gut feeling - do NOT agree to meet.
Your gut instinct is always more reliable than any agency.

Am sure there are some good agencies out there. I worked for 3 agencies in the early days. Even the good one out of the three, could sometimes be bad (if that makes sense).

Please remember  - your/our safety is more important than money. I had several lucky escapes when I was with an agency. x

+1 million to this. 

No amount of money is ever worth being in a dangerous situation or ending up in a situation you can't get out of.  You won't die if you don't make that ?100.

And I don't think your gut instinct is ever far wrong.


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Re: My personal bad experiences with agencies
« Reply #14 on: 31 December 2014, 08:48:00 pm »
I have to give another point of view just for newbies sake.

There are many great agencies out there, often you'll find the best ones through word of mouth from other girls in the industry

30% is about average for commission I think, and of course you shouldn't ever do anything for free with agency owner or anyone for that matter. But if you use common sense and move around to see where you're happiest agencies can be a great place to start to get a client base.

Adultwork can be very complicated for anyone who's starting out, I couldn't have done it, mainly because I didn't have my own flat but 30% can be a bargain to have everything done for you, all you do is turn up and work

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