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Author Topic: Losing the will to Live!  (Read 1439 times)


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Losing the will to Live!
« on: 06 July 2009, 11:08:15 pm »
I swear if I hear one more version of "Whiskey in The Jar" I am going to do an injury. I am in teh lovely town of Killarney Ireland, in the even lovelier county of Kerry, famous for Muckross house, and a special breed of cow, called the Kerry cow, small blackish and cute as hell. But my story isn't about this or any other wonderful thing that the area of Kerry has to offer, this is about the bleeding brass band that was playing away, with less enthusiasm and untuned instruments beneath the window of the apartment I was renting for the purpose of doing business in town!  I was two floors up, when all of a sudden I heard this god awful racket, and then realized it was a band! OFFS! Well I was praying for a lull in the out of tune concert when my phone rang, and a rather desperate client wanted to come and see me. Ok, gave address, when all of a sudden the damn band started again, this time with  less accuracy and even less enthusiasm that before. Dear god, so there I was trying to give instructions and directions over the Om-papas! Ok, fine the gentleman gets in, he is in shock and is finding this all rather humorous. I pasted that point about two hours before! OK, we get to business, and in the middle of my deep throat the is this ungodly cymbal crash! I jumped, as did the client, and we both fell about laughing! By the sheer determination of a narrowed focused man, did he manage to finish, but soon after that we were falling about again. I am just beginning to wonder, if maybe he left his wife down there, whilst he came up for a quickie?