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Author Topic: food poisoning, Ugh it hurts...  (Read 1122 times)


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food poisoning, Ugh it hurts...
« on: 30 December 2009, 01:07:10 am »
Last night I ordered a cheap burger/taco/fries/drink combo from the nearby burger joint. It was pretty good, but bad for dinner. Probably 0 nutritional value. Its some weird Texas combo that I don't think should be eaten by anyone! But that wasn't even the issue...

Now, this was last night. I was already exhausted, cold and had a headache from moving up and down 3 floors. As I went to bed, for some reason I just could not go to sleep. Then I was having all these weird dreams...but I was thinking maybe cause I just moved into my new place and had to adjust.

The next morning, I was driving the porcelain bus to hell! Seems like the food just sat there all night. I ended up having to sleep until 5 this afternoon because apparently I didnt get any sleep last night. I still feel a bit queezy, managing only to eat cereal and orange juice. This has totally threw off what was supposed to be another busy day of getting settled. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to normal.