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Author Topic: "Fuck me" shoes!  (Read 5011 times)


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Re: "Fuck me" shoes!
« Reply #15 on: 21 May 2014, 12:06:32 am »
It's easy if it's a regular especially if you know they are into shoes. Next time they say they'd love to see you in some "fuck me" shoes just tell them you haven't got any and then say you'd be more than happy to wear some if they were to buy you a pair. Keep it light and a little bit cheeky but with a firm glint in your eyes. They'll either laugh or say yes.

Shoe men are often have a submissive streak so they love the idea of buying shoes for a woman. Shoes and panties seem to be the things men don't mind buying!


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Re: "Fuck me" shoes!
« Reply #16 on: 23 May 2014, 07:16:31 am »
Im a big girl !!

If  walk around in some of these shoes they will have to scrape me of the pavement !!
I like wearing them at home for a client or carry them in my bag


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Re: "Fuck me" shoes!
« Reply #17 on: 24 May 2014, 04:54:41 pm »

Lol Niky, your reply made me giggle  :P

I do have a few nice regulars so i think i'll mention a pair of nice heels the next time one of them feels like treating me Kazzle, i do get asked what i like to be bought now and again i've just never initiated the process :)


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Re: "Fuck me" shoes!
« Reply #18 on: 26 May 2014, 11:59:41 am »
I do always the same - if somebody requests some special outfit from me and seen pictures, I'd say it was only for the photo shoot and if I don't have genuinely the thing they want, I make them to buy it.