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Author Topic: "Been busy?"  (Read 3959 times)


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Re: "Been busy?"
« Reply #15 on: 24 March 2015, 11:28:12 am »
"What is the nature of your enquiry?!"

I only entertain one client a day and this is plastered on the front page of my profile, but of course, the lazy numpties would have to read the darn thing  :FF


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Re: "Been busy?"
« Reply #16 on: 24 March 2015, 02:51:21 pm »
I always say something vague, like " yeah, not bad for a X-day..", or "pretty steady, not too hectic but steady.."
That usually sops them from asking any further.
I get the odd one that asks how many clients I get in a week, or a day, but there is no answer to that, so I'm just
honest with them and tell them it totally varies from day-to-day, week-to-week, depending on time of the year/month etc..

I wonder why they ask, if it is just a conversation thing, or if it turns them on, or if they want to know how much money you could
have in the house.. ?!
It's not one of my favourite questions anyway lol  ;)
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