Hiring a driver

Some escorts use a driver to take them to and from bookings on outcalls. Here are two accounts of hiring a driver: one from an escorts point of view, one from a male driver's perspective.

An Escort's View

If you are an incall escort then you don't worry about how you're going to get to your appointments. However, if you're an escort who does outcalls then you have to give some thought on how you're going to get there and your safety.

When I first started doing outcalls I would drive myself and save on the expense of having a driver. I still drive myself if the outcall is fairly nearby and for an hour, but for anything longer or further away I now have a driver.

So what are the advantages of having a driver? You can relax to and from your appointments, you don't have to worry about the traffic/parking, and your driver can also act as your security.

The only disadvantage is that you won't earn as much from your outcall as you will need to pay your driver. There are no set rates for drivers so it will be whatever you negotiate with them for driving you, waiting for you and acting as your security.

But in all honesty, I prefer to pay a driver and feel calm and safe to and from an appointment.

So how do you choose a driver? I can only tell you from my personal experience. I'm sure like me you have had emails from guys saying that they drive escorts and act as security, they may well do but I prefer to have someone I know and can trust with my personal safety. If you don't know anyone who can drive you then see if you can get another escort to recommend someone to you.

I now have 3 possible drivers, two male and one femele, all good friends who know what I do and I trust with my safety. Before they started driving for me I set up a code system so that when I arrive at my outcall client and then phone my driver they would know if I was safe or not. If not, we set up a procedure on what to do to get me out of the situation. As yet I have never had to put this procedure into practice, but you do need to have something on standby.

It is a lovely feeling coming out of a successful session with a client and having someone waiting for you to drive you back to your base. I use the time to undwind and chill out and not have to worry about the traffic or which route I need to take. I've even trained my drivers to provide me with chocolate!

A Driver's View

Based upon some 14 years of working as a driver for both agency and independent ladies, I have built a working knowledge on what you should expect from a driver within the industry and those that you should perhaps avoid!

There are perhaps three main things you should have with a driver: Trust is the most vital, followed by a system in the event things do not go as they should and finally his knowledge in terms of getting you too and from a booking.

Trust: Goes without saying, or does it? You should feel comfortable from the outset and he or she should be able to put you at ease in any number of ways. For example, I always offer to meet someone prior to undertaking any driving and it should be up to the lady to choose time, venue and if she wishes to be accompanied by friend, boyfriend or husband.

Ask to see their driving license and insurance documents, ask if they are able to provide references from other ladies, ask to see the car you are potentially going to be driven in — if the driver is above board then there should be no problem with any of this being produced.

System: Ask how he or she intends to ensure (as far as is practical and possible) that your safety will be maintained. He should be able to explain what he wants to be done once you are at your location and what happens if things were to go wrong whilst you are with your client. A system that is simple and easy to carry out is what you should seek from him; after all, you don't want to get into problems or confrontation and then get confused in the way you should be getting out of it!

Ensure your client is fully aware you are not alone as soon as possible once you're in a property by making a call to your driver. Make the call very friendly and say the driver's first name (or an agreed pseudonym) as making it sound to your client as though he is more than simply your 'driver' will add to the image of your client that the guy outside has a personal care and interest for your welfare. Remember, you may know that your driver is a 4'7" dwarf but your client will not! This call should be within the first 5 minutes at the longest.

Your driver should be parked where he dropped you or at an agreed point but always within very close proximity and when possible within view of the actual property you are in. This is obviously more difficult if in a block of flats, if you feel it appropriate in these circumstances let him go with you to the flat door (your client does not have to see him or you may decide this is a good way to get the message across that you have someone with you, though should he really be that 4'7" dwarf he is better kept out of sight. Whichever way, he will then know how to get to the flat if required.

Prevention is far better than a cure. Once your client has the thought of a guy being with you for your protection 99% will assume the guy outside is an Adonis type creature or something out of the black lagoon – either way, that thought process in all but the very odd occasion will prevent any nonsense from your client.

The driver should then simply sit and wait, not bringing attention to himself by playing his radio or CD at decibels that keeps the neighbourhood awake! I personally don't leave the engine running either; again, it draws attention that is simple to avoid. If its winter time (and trust me it gets cold sitting there for two hours) then he should dress accordingly flask of tea or coffee at the ready! Trivial? Maybe, but its far better than his being reported by a passer by or neighbour for loitering and then having to concoct a story as to why he is there to a passing Police patrol car and potentially not being there when you come out or if there were problems.

Make arrangements for the end of your booking. Get your driver to call you or make the call at the time your booking is about to end yourself to draw your appointment to a close. If no call is received or answered then the `system` to find out what is happening takes place. Communication is vital to prevent embarrassing mistakes!

And what should he do if a problem does occur? Quite simply, there is no ready made answer to this one as circumstances may dictate. Common sense, tact and diplomacy, speed of thought and the ability to make the right decision at the right time are all useful assets for a driver to have but not all are blessed with these attributes, so this is an area to discuss what YOU want.

Knowledge: This is two fold and encompasses his/her actual geographical knowledge and his/her understanding of the very industry itself.

Geographical: Will they know how to get you to a location? Will they know a backup route if heavy traffic or diversions hinder the original or planned route? Satellite Navigation systems are currently in vogue and while they can be good they are not always the answer, so a good driver should have map books and at least a basic knowledge of routes and alternatives and the duration of any journey – no point being an hour early or, worse, an hour late!

The industry: A knowledge of its workings as such should be known by your driver and he or she should be tactful enough to chat with you without seeking every intimate detail of the time you have spent with a client.

I appreciate this is a very individual thing and this side of the 'relationship' will develop between the escort and driver over time but if you seek a professional driver they should conduct themselves accordingly.

Having taken part in various forums I have had emails from a number of men asking for details of how to get into driving in this industry, what to 'charge' and they don't always refer to this being an amount in cash! None have convinced me that their intentions are for them to drive you for the 'right' reasons and, therefore, they have not been given any information, so it is with this in mind that I base my thoughts upon.

Your safety is paramount – ensure your driver understands this too!